Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Snowy Smile

She trudged home, her backpack dangling precariously from one shoulder.  As she readjusted it for the millionth time she lectured herself, “What worked in Florida surely didn’t work here.”  She had thought that moving was the answer.  As her nose went numb, and she readjusted her backpack again she realized that she may have over romanticized the allure and beauty of living in a snowy state during the winter.  Clearly, walking at 12 degrees was not going to continue to work. She was wearing more clothes right now than she had once taken for a weeklong trip to the Keys.  Well, that did it, just recalling that trip made her more determined to keep to her plan.  Time and distance were supposed to heal all wounds.

Kelsey had to admit to herself, if no one else, that her life was a mess.  Yet as she reached her little house she had to smile.  Her dog had his nose pressed up against the window, making smudges in the fogged over glass as she walked up the driveway.  As she approached the door she could hear him talking to her, and as she opened the door he almost knocked her down with tail wagging enthusiasm to see her. “Woof to you too my Cooper, come on out and play.”  Laughing, she set down her backpack and followed him out into the yard.  As he ran around, still not entirely sure of his opinion of the wet, cold snow on his paws, she surveyed their new world. 

The house was small, yet it had all she and Cooper needed a little kitchen with a window where she would could look out into the yard filled with the greatest Christmas trees all green and proud, sprinkled with the latest of Mother Nature’s twinkling snow.  Beyond the kitchen there was a cozy living room, and then her bedroom.  Off the kitchen to the other side was another bedroom, or in her case, her home office as well as a full bathroom.  It was just the two of them and she didn’t need more.  No she shook her head, she had more before and it was too much, she didn’t need it all.  When she lost her home she thought the world had come to an end.  When she had lost him, she had indeed lost everything.

As Cooper bounded towards her through the snow she shook off her thoughts and smiled.  That is one thing that she did like about being here, in a small town in the dead of an icy cold winter, she had found her genuine smile.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fifty Shades of Magic Mike

I confess that I am reading the Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy. Hats of to E.L. James, these are great books. I have been devouring them. I am an avid reader of multiple genres, including all of the romance genres.  With all the hype I actually thought they would be more, well honestly more erotica than story; so I was delightfully surprised when they have made me laugh out loud.  Of course, when I was on a plane, laughing out loud wasn't the best move because then everyone was looking to see what I was reading and with all the hype I really didn't want them to think I was laughing at erotica.  On the return flight the book was no laughing matter and I was seated next to an elderly couple and all I could think is please don't try and read over my shoulder, please don't try to read over my shoulder.  This could be bad!  Christian Grey is on the minds of many females across the world and I admit to being one of them. 

Then the commercials started for Magic Mike.  Ahhh, excuse me, having a moment here.  This morning as I was laying down to take a nap (a true benefit of working from home I must say) the Today show was on, and there was Channing Tatum and his flash dance mob. Now I am a fan of The Vow, and his sweet endearing qualities.  Those were not the qualities I was admiring this morning.  Yes, I put my glasses back on for that, you didn't think I was going to miss it did you?  Many friends and I have been avidly looking forward to the release of the movie. Did I mention Channing Tatum and  Matthew McConaughey as   malestrippers?  Dancing on the big screen.  HOT male strippers, dressed as fire fighters and officers, yep, we'll be there.

However after a very pleasant nap I started thinking about all the action movies, testosterone based movies, war movies that I have seen lately.  In fact I haven't looked forward to a major chick movie release since Sex and the City.  While shopping for books there was an ever dwindling offering of romance novels on the shelves at my local book stores.  Yet now, with the Fifty Shades uproar, the romance section of the store is now flourishing once again.

Let's be honest, we haven't recently rediscovered sex.  It has been there all along.  So why has the cycle come back around? I would love to hear from others?