Thursday, October 13, 2011

Instructing and Training the "Millennials"

The other day I was talking to a friend who is coaching middle school football, then last night I was talking to a friend who is middle school parent.  The theme in both conversations centered around them not wanting to read.  The football players won’t read a playbook, and the son won’t read his homework without music.  The two events were swarming in my mind surrounding the fact that we are learning of the “Millennials” as learners and how educators are truly going to have to employ unique instructional techniques to reach this group as they start and continue to enter the work force.

I recently heard a 10 year old dissing a video game for poor resolution in the graphics! If he had ever seen the original Pac Man and Ms. Pac Man he would have surely died!  Yet they are growing up in this technical evolution and those in industry as well as education are going to have to start thinking of ways to reach this generation. 

I had suggested to the football coach taking his playbook and putting into Movie Maker, building in transitions and having football and age appropriate music in the background.  As they view the playbook transition they will associate the music to the plays.  Perhaps during training they should also play the same music to the play, and eventually the players will hear the music in their head during games and be able to recall the plays.  They simply aren’t going to go home and study a book.

My friend allowed her son to put on his headphones to stay awake while reading boring homework assignments.  Face it, we’ve all been through middle school and know how boring some of the assignments can be so who can blame him.  Further, with him growing up an active outside boy who also plays a fair share of video games, sitting still and focusing on one singular thing at a time is boring to him.

I foresee the trainers being forced to introduce more and more multimedia into presentations, creating podcasts and movies set to music in order to grab and hold onto the attention span of this generation.  By all means, use good graphics resolution because they will surely dismiss the value of your educational product based upon poor graphic images.

This is going to be a recurring thing, I believe that more and more we are going to have to turn to technology as an educational necessity, not just a tool.  I am interested in hearing of how you are encouraging the “Millennials” to learn.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Surprised by Oxford

Surprised by Oxford

Carolyn Weber

Thomas Nelson Publisher

An amazing trilogy of love, Carolyn Weber’s memoir Surprised by Oxford is an engaging, thought stimulating and quick moving read.  The story follows Caro’s travel to Oxford to study literature, yet once there she meets Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome and embarks upon a tumultuous transition to Christianity.  She challenges and questions many concepts, she faces stereotypes and rejection by academics, family and friends.  As she challenges the concept and learns more of faith, the memoir takes the reader on delightful trips in the literature, art, music and architecture all subtly influenced by Christianity; as well as a delightful walk of faith in Headington.  Yet, she also finds that her faith opens many doors, and enters the privileged group of believers.

When I first received this book at 447 pages I was somewhat taken aback, yet I found this memoir to read like a fast paced novel and in fact it kept me up many nights late reading.  This book encouraged all areas of my mind to think about the hidden Christianity in every day life such as the music of U2 and Pink Floyd, and the on-going persecution of Christians across the world even in today’s society.  It was at once entertaining as well as educational.  A definite must read this book receives a 5 out of 5.

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Monday, October 3, 2011


After my last blog about clearing out the mental clutter I had an idea. Perhaps I should say that I allowed an idea to flow that I had been contemplating. A month later, I'm back.

I'm excited about various projects I have going and full of energy and creativity. I'm thankful that through introspection I found my creative energy and flow. I certainly want to get back to thinking creatively and keep moving forward, and I credit this blog with moving me in the right direction.

Thanks to all and remember to Believe in your Dreams!!