Friday, September 2, 2011

Are mental "clutter" & "cob webs" stealing your focus?

My focus is broken. 

I have no idea how many times I have said that sentence over the past several months.  Then I looked around, and over time clutter had invaded my working space and there was nothing peaceful about sitting down to work.  I had to crawl over boxes and zig zag around the room just to reach a computer. (Ok, it wasn't quite that bad, but near!) 

I decided that to up my productivity I needed to clear it all out.  A few hours of sweat, garbage bags, dusting and voila my working space was again there.  Then I broke out a hammer and some nails and re-decorated so that when I look up lost in thought I am surrounded by serene pictures and objects.  Those that energize me, while keeping me calm and allowing the creative juices to flow. 

It could be that I am nearing the conclusion of a huge many months projects, or that I have several new endeavors on the foreground that motivated me to make the changes that I needed for productivity.  Perhaps it was because I found myself fired up, clearing out the mental cob webs as I dusted. 

How often do we stop and take time to clear away all our mental cob webs?  That is so important and yet, in this fast paced world where we talk, tweet, text and facebook from our phones that we don't take the time to unplug and rejuvenate ourselves.  Without taking care of ourselves we are useless to ourself or anyone else, yet we continue to push and push to do more and more. 

Sitting here now I notice that two of the items I hung in my space refer to dreams - one is the Japanese symbol for dream and the other is homemade counted cross stitch that was made for me that says "Believe in your dreams."   I think in all the clutter and mental cob webs I misplaced my dreams, and along with them - I lost my focus.

If you haven't taken any time to unplug and rejuvenate yourself lately - this is a long holiday weekend (for those who are off shift) and with the unofficial change of seasons perhaps it's time to clear our your own mental cob webs.

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