Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Beginning

The interesting part about the beginning is that it was actually many years ago when I decided I wanted to design training materials for a living.  I took classes on-line and earned a degree in education, but I stayed in a full time job that took so much time and energy that really I couldn't dedicate myself to writing.

I finally worked up the courage to leave that job and now I am working (on a contract basis) as an Instructional Designer, developing training programs.  Yet, still there is that creative part of me that wants to write fiction.  I currently have two writing projects underway  first off a memoir with a friend about some extraordinary circumstances that changed his life, and secondly I am working on a training manual.

Along the way, I instruct some on line courses, am searching for full time employment because my dreams aren't quite paying the bills.  I thought that perhaps I'm not the only one in these circumstances and I wanted to share the trial and tribulations of an aspiring fiction author, caught in a myriad of other writings on her way to be able to craft that one perfect manuscript, or at least one perfect manuscript, hopefully more! 

I hope you enjoy the journey with me as I continue to seek that perfect writing experience.

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