Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ready? Prepared? Did today matter?

Today the east coast of the U.S. experienced a very rare earthquake.  Hurricane Irene is staring down the same east coast with a Category 4 or 5 force.  FEMA has Ready: Prepare, Plan and Stay Informed.  With the on-going natual disasters FEMA's preparedness campaign definately should be visited by all to ensure preparation for the unpredictable and predicatable disasters.

However, what about a more personal type of planning?  If there were a life changing natural disaster today, are you ready?  Do you often live in the moment, or is existing day to day sucking all the life energy out of you?  When you close your eyes tonight, can you honestly say that today was a day where you "Lived?"  Sadly, many of us are on the existence path and are not making each day meaningful.

Do those in your life know that you love them, value them, appreciate them?  Or are those words left unsaid.  Can't you just hear all the excuses floating through the air:  "She knows I love her because I come home every night."  "The kids know I love them because I work hard to provide for them, put a roof over their head, food in their stomach, clothes on their back."  "It's too clingy to say that all the time."   "She knows I appreciate her cooking, I eat it every night."  I can hear them and many more excuses and honestly - do you want to go to bed tonight knowing that your day was full of reasons NOT to tell others what you think and feel?

Much like a previous blog, where I asked about if we are merely follow along on lifes' path like cows being herded in the pasture or if we are truly living, I wonder how many of us made sure that today we made a positive impact on someone elses's day?  Part of a motivational plan I studied a few years ago was the goal of making someone else's day.  For no reason.  Just to be a happy and positive influence on their life.  I know that I try to do that.  When is the last time that your goal was to perform random acts of kindness?  What about the concept of "pass it forward" where if you do something nice for a stranger, perhaps they will "pass it forward" and eventually (I think through positive thinking and a bit of Karma) someone will perform a random act of kindness for you.  Have you done that lately?  It doesn't have to be anything huge; perhaps someone looks particularly nice today, have you complimented them?  

Did you make your today matter?  Did you do something that you enjoyed?  Did you remember to laugh and smile?  Was your heart full?  I hope so.  I know that I want to ensure that my today mattered and that I mattered to someone else today.  Talk to you all soon.

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  1. Thanks for the analogy of the cows on the pasture. In the spirit of positive thinking I have to admit that I do not feel like a cow on the pasture. More like one of those little white birds that always follows the cows, waiting for things to start dropping ...