Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Just the title of this blog indicates that this is going to be an odd post; however I thought I should specify my writing interests just a bit more.  I am interested, and have outlined projects, in several different genres. 

Romance, of course, given the title of the blog.  I have an amazing chick lit type book outlined.  I have many romance stories created in my head for sharing, generally they involve strong alpha males as the hero's and the females fall into a variety of employment such as analysts, writers, 9-1-1 dispatchers.

Then there are crime drama's similar to real life criminal cases that I have heard about over the years and have made notes on, and I have two of them partially outlined.  I have been surprised over the years that no one has written about some of these cases, and I would greatly enjoy the opportunity to fictionalize the stories and share them.

I have a fiction novel outlined following the downsizing of one lady who finally finds love, experiences great and devastating losses and still walks tall.

Yet while I have all of these outlines and concepts floating around in my head, and I finally committed them to paper (ok, keyboard) to try and get them out of my head they still exist, I am working on Instructional training manuals and a Memoir.

Is it possible for a writer to find success across so many genres?  I'm not sure.  Perhaps if I committed to just one genre my life would be easier and I could focus on the craft of that particular genre, but I have never, ever chosen the easy way to do anything.  So maybe I will be the lucky one who can be successful in several different areas. 

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